We offer an extensive range of Bakery Equipment, including:

Deck Ovens – Single, Double and Triple Deck Ovens – Available in several models including, Electric, Gas and Deck Ovens with Steam Function.

Food Mixers.

Cake / Planetary Mixers – Available in several models and sizes ranging from 10 litres up to 60 litres.

Dough Mixers – from 10 litres up to 130 litres.

Also Available:

Electric Proovers – Single & Double Door Electric Proovers.

Dough Dividers / Rounder's, Dough Sheeters, and Dough Moulders.

Convection Ovens – Available in 4 Pan, 6 Pan, 10 Pan and 20 Pan.

Baking Trays, Muffin Trays – (24's) & Bread Pans – (BO3, BO4, & BO5 with Lids).

Bread Cooling Trolleys – Available in 4 Tier, 5 Tier, and 7 Tier Units as well as Wicker Display Stands and 16 Tier Bread Trolleys.

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